We are a creative design agency, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the focus on visual communication. We design, develop and consult.

Fields of activity

Graphic design, web design, deck design, corporate identity development,  eCommerce, web hosting, design and technical implementation of online advertising (HTML5 banner), design and production of advertising articles and printed material, consulting.

We are experts in WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. We develop, integrate and migrate your eCommerce project or build a customized CMS from scratch.

We plan, we design, we test, we code, we analyze, we teach, we train… We, do it all for you!

about us

about us

We like to think of ourselves as your sidekick. Equipped with numerous virtues, we are still eager to learn for you and with you. We are proud of the work we have done so far for our clients.

We help you to implement your ideas. We continuously acquire knowledge in the field of electronic communication in order to put in good use to empower and upgrade your business.

Our goal is to take your side work, work that clutters your main business from you, and to do it expeditiously for you. We are new generation communication outsource.
So, get in touch with us. Maybe you are our client, and we are your agency.


Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and Consulting

We like to share our knowledge, ergo we’re force to collect it all the time. Not that we’re smart, but we simple enjoy learning and teaching. We like to learn from our clients and for our clients. So, you can expect us by your side on every point. If you want to know something and we’re not familiar with the topic in question, you bet we’ll tackle it and, just for you, we will master it. We will never leave you hanging…

Corporate Design/Branding

Corporate Design/Branding

We design your logo, visual identity of your product or brand. Anyone can draw a sign. And call it a logo. And then call it a brand. We DON’T do it that way. We first talk to you, then talk some more, then search and analyze, and THEN draw. Then talk to you again, then draw some more, then … You’re getting the picture. And when we’re done, if you don’t identify with it, we renounce it. If we don’t get another job of it, we renounce it. We go back and draw some more.. Damn, this OCD…

Web design and web development

Web design and web development

Yes, we both design and code. And we actually enjoy both. We like to build simple one-page websites as well as complex e-commerce CMSs. The point is that we look beyond your request and look for you need. We know needs, we love them! ‘Cause we’re here to fulfill them. And we’re crazy about these bits of letters and numbers that make our sites and apps do all sorts of flashy stuff.

Content creation

Content creation

We’re new in this, we wouldn’t lie to you. But we thought this is something clients need very often, and we kind of like the idea of fabricating, producing, writing and recycling texts, images and videos. Naturally, we believe we can be good at this, too. So, here we are…

how we work




Tell us who you are
and your needs and ideas.

Let's do the talking!


We will search, analyze and work.
After hours of working, we will comeback
to you with the first sample of your idea
and collect your feedback.


We will incorporate your feedback
then do more work and we are ready
for full presentation of your idea.
If it's needed, we are ready for your new feedback.


Now everything is fine and
you'r ready to enjoy!



Ok, we’re here to make money, but we thought, if you make money with us helping you, we’re solid! We succeed with our clients, we grow with them, we progress only if you do, too. Here is short selection of our project, partners, costumers, clients and friends that we are proud of:




Let’s get to know each other!

So, here we are, team of nine designers, communication experts, developers and administrators. Experienced and youthful, fast and thorough, awaiting for your assignment.

find us

find us

obrtnička djelatnost za napredne komunikacije

Asima Ferhatovića 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 61 838 422
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